40% of UK SME enterprise homeowners plan to vote Labour within the General Election, analysis reveals

May 16, 2024 | blog

New analysis of UK SME enterprise homeowners reveals that the Conservative Party is now not the get together of enterprise.

When initially requested who they’d be voting for within the General Election, Labour got here out affluent with two fifths of the votes, adopted by the Liberal Democrats (28.7%) and Conservatives (26.7%).

However, when requested who they thought would do a greater job for British companies, Rishi Sunak was voted as probably the most beneficial (40.2%), with Sir Kier Starmer receiving virtually one third of votes (32.1%). Sir Ed Davey did obtain a small quantity of the votes, however virtually one fifth of UK enterprise homeowners (18.8%) don’t really feel both of the three fundamental candidates would do a very good job.

Sarah Austin, Director of, who commissioned the analysis, commented: “While the date for this year’s General Election is yet to be determined, it’s evident that the Conservatives face an intimidating challenge in retaining power. Labour is clearly the favourite party among business owners, but that’s no doubt largely due to Conservative Party fatigue and not the leadership of Rishi Sunak. It’s clear that business owners see Rishi as a steady hand as he ironically received the most votes.

“It’s concerning to hear that so many business owners don’t feel either of the three main candidates will do a particularly good job for British business. With the UK coming out of recession, the cost-of-living crisis ongoing and inflation and interest rates high, business owners need to have some level of trust in the leading party, especially the Prime Minister – whoever that may be. All we can do is hope that the new Prime Minister will take steps to ensure a successful future for British business – as we all know, the likelihood of a Brexit reversal is slim to none, so we must look forward to a way of supporting and celebrating British business.”

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