The UAW is asking for a four-day workweek and Bernie Sanders is backing the controversy: ‘People are overwhelmed’

Sep 19, 2023 | blog

In the company world, Elmo’s phrase of the day is sort of all the time “innovation.” But regardless of plastering the thought of change throughout PowerPoints, the white-collar sector isn’t all the time fast to interrupt from custom. Meanwhile, the blue-collar sector is attempting to spearhead revamping the way forward for work.

During the summer season of strikes, manufacturing staff have began to take heart stage by re-imagining the best way we work and pushing for higher pay. The United Auto Workers, composed of the Big Three automakers, could be those to actually transfer the needle as soon as and for all and truly innovate. They’re petitioning for wage will increase, the return of pensions, and a shortened workweek. Looking to vary the schedule to 32-hours per week with none pay changes, the union is focusing not simply on the widespread chorus of higher pay throughout a very costly time, but in addition higher working circumstances. And they not too long ago discovered an ally in Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

“We are looking at an explosion in this country of artificial intelligence and robotics. And that means that the average worker is going to be much more productive,” Sanders advised CNN’s Jake Tapper Monday. “The question as a nation that we have to ask ourselves is: Who is going to benefit from this productivity? We should begin a serious discussion—and the UAW is doing that—about substantially lowering the workweek.”

Sanders touches on a new theory about an automated workforce that could create space to rethink how we work and reallocate some of the grunt work to AI, making workers more productive rather than taking over their jobs. A recent report from McKinsey predicted that as many as 12 million occupational changes will occur by 2030 as employees shift careers and certain jobs are impacted by generative AI. While it once seemed like manufacturing was first on the conveyor belt for an AI setback, it now seems like office jobs are more in the line of fire. Sanders believes that AI taking on some of the workload can free up manufacturing workers and employees in other sectors to work four days instead of five.

“People in America are stressed out for a dozen different reasons, and that’s one of the reasons why life expectancy in our country is actually in decline,” he mentioned, including that the brand new schedule may unlock staff to spend time with their household, develop into extra lively in cultural occasions, and get extra training.

“People are overwhelmed. They gotta take care of their kids, they gotta worry about healthcare, they gotta worry about housing,” Sanders states, including that the brand new schedule may unlock staff to spend time with their household, develop into extra lively in cultural occasions and, or, get extra training.

The four-day workweek has been one in all a number of aspects on the core of the way forward for work debate. As America started to experiment with versatile work, the standard humdrum schedule began to make even much less sense. Employees needed to not simply work from the situation of their selection, however to dispose of the 9-to-5 5 days per week.

Last 12 months, nonprofit 4 Day Week Global applied a trial of the four-day workweek, measuring the results of 900 employees working at 30 different companies for half a year. Early results showed that employees were just as productive with the new workflow and now had more time to deal with childcare issues and discover new hobbies. Most employers (almost 97%) who tried it out said they wanted to keep the abridged schedule. And a separate trial from the identical group discovered that employees bought simply as a lot performed in 33-hour weeks as they do in 38 hours.

But regardless of its rising recognition and initial success, the four day workweek isn’t gaining traction in the boardroom. It seems as if the manufacturing world is ready to pick up the slack and push for the shortened workweek.

The current fight could be one step forward for UAW employees and two steps forward for mankind (or all of mankind who wants a four day workweek). “It appears to me that if new expertise goes to make us a extra productive society the advantages ought to go to the employees,” Sanders mentioned.

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